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Futsal in Finland

The Football Association of Finland organizes men’s and women’s two highest futsal divisions which are both
national leagues. The highest leagues are called Futsal-liiga and Naisten Futsal-liiga. The second highest are
called Futsal-Ykkönen and Naisten Futsal-Ykkönen.
Futsal season starts in September and ends in April/May and There are 12 teams in both futsal leagues.
The structure of the leagues:
1) first there is a regular season which means that every team plays against each other twice. After that
1st -8th teams continue to the playoff games.
2) The last one in the league will be relegated to Futsal-Ykkönen. The 11 th team from Futsal league will
play qualification games against the 2 nd team in Futsal-Ykkönen to find out who gets the last spot in
Futsal league for the next season.
Finland has also both men’s and women’s national teams in futsal. Men’s futsal national team played first
time in European Championship tournament in 2022 and played themselves to quarterfinals.
NOTE! The Executive Director of FPA, Panu Autio was a captain of men’s futsal national team for years. He has played 149
matches with national team. His professional career ended after season 2022 and now he is fully focusing on develop athletes’
position in the society.